Conventional deodorant – so what’s the problem?

Most of us would have worn an antiperspirant, found in every supermarket for as little as just a £1. Alcohol, preservatives, fragrance and aluminium chlorohydrate, in stick or spray form, projecting this mix onto our skins, and into our homes.

Simply put, we didn’t trust this on our skin. But the real kicker for us was the aluminium chlorohydrate and the reason we stopped using conventional antiperspirants ourselves, for good.

Aluminium works in deodorants by literally plugging the sweat glands and preventing them from producing sweat. It’s super-cheap and it works pretty damn well at stopping sweat.

However, peer reviewed publications have suggested that exposure to aluminium could have potentially negative health consequences, including an increased risk of breast cancer.

Deodorants are different from antiperspirants and most deodorants on the market work by simply masking body odour. You still sweat, it still smells and preservatives are still used, but the odour would hopefully be covered an imaginative fragrance like “summer mist”. Hopefully.

And then you have Pit Putty!

Pit Putty is a deodorant with a difference. It doesn’t just mask smells, it prevents them. The way Pit Putty has been designed, it still allows your body to sweat just like it should do (it’s natural detoxification process), but your sweat will be made odourless!

Odourless sweat, let’s hear the science. Here we go!

There is a certain type of sweat gland which live in the underarms, these are called apocrine sweat glands. When you’re hot or exercise the apocrine sweat glands release odourless sweat to cool you down.

Odourless? But my sweat isn’t odourless, is it?

Well yes, initially is it! However, also living on your underarms are bacteria which actually eat the sweat and create an acidic by-product; this is your body odour.

Pit Putty is a mild alkaline and actually reacts with the acidic by-product made by the bacteria and it neutralises it, stopping BO in it’s tracks.

Many people notice that they don’t seem to sweat using Pit Putty and this is because of a natural plant root powder called arrowroot, used to absorb mild sweating. Being water-free also means that Pit Putty doesn’t require any preservatives to maintain a long shelf life, so that it can remain natural and preservative-free!

The Results...

Here could be one of the best investments you’ve made to date. An investment in your long-term health!

We hope you enjoyed this brief science lesson, learning a bit about your new natural deodorant and how it’s looking after you, whilst keeping you smelling fantastic. We’ll keeping bringing your family the same products that we make for ours, naturally made and with your health in mind.

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