I'm delighted to say that yes we now do! Checkout our new Fragrance Free Pit Putty here.  

Bicarb is used as one of the active ingredients in our all Pit Putty range and has been carefully balanced in our formula to ensure that it’s mild on the skin as well as being naturally super-effective as a deodoriser. 

There are two fragrances you should avoid whilst pregnant; Lime Basil and also Cinnamon Cedarwood, as shown on our packaging. Pit Putty harnesses the natural properties of pure essential oils and so as a matter of precaution we recommend staying away from basil and cedarwood oils altogehter.

Pit Putty is completely safe to use whilst breastfeeding and many women in fact use our products whilst feeding their children, to ensure that there are no synthetic chemicals around the breast area. 

Pit Putty is available online, delivering worldwide, and also through our many stockists, health stores, supermarkets and small independence throughout the United Kingdom and Europe.

We ship worldwide, only excluding North America.