It’s time to go natural - what ingredients we use and why!

It’s time to go natural - what ingredients we use and why!

Once upon a time, in a kitchen far far away, we spent months over the stove, surrounded by oils, powders and waxes, beavering away to try and find the perfect recipe for a super effective, cruelty free, natural deodorant without any synthetic ingredients.

With each formula getting the same rigorous trial, aptly named “the stink test”, throughout 4 months we would push each recipe to the limits with as many as three runs a day, plus a good night's sleep, and one final jog to see which deodorant would make the cut.

And finally, after all these tests, we developed the dream combination that is the Pit Putty you use today!

With each natural oil, powder and wax chosen for a reason, you might wonder which main ingredients did we deem the best of the best, and why did we choose to include them in the final recipe? 

But what makes a deodorant natural?

Pit Putty is made from only natural ingredients and that means no perfumes, preservatives or cheap synthetic ingredients that can be found in supermarket antiperspirants. 

Aluminium in particular works in antiperspirants by literally plugging the sweat glands and preventing them from producing sweat.

Peer reviewed publications have also suggested that exposure to aluminium could have potentially negative health consequences, including an increased risk of breast cancer.

So after a lot of research, and alongside our rigorous testing, we found the ingredients that were the best natural alternatives to these synthetic ingredients, and concocted the perfect formula for a super effective natural deodorant!

What are the main ingredients in Pit Putty Natural Deodorants?

Organic Unrefined Shea Butter

To get that distinctive, buttery soft putty texture, we use luxurious organic unrefined shea butter. Used in natural beauty products for years, its high concentration of vitamins A, E and F, alongside its oleic fatty acids ensure a smooth application to your skin, whilst also being soothing and conditioning to your underarms. 

Suitable for all skin types, shea butter won’t clog your pores, whilst also being anti-inflammatory and antibacterial, all of which make it the perfect ingredient for natural deodorant! 

Arrowroot Powder

Made by grinding the roots of the Maranta Arundinacea Plant (aka the Arrowroot plant, bet you didn’t see that one coming…), this naturally moisture absorbing powder also contains an abundance of vitamins and minerals, such as zinc, iron, potassium and vitamin B6, all of which work together to soften your skin and absorb excess moisture. 

Arrowroot powder is also known to reduce staining of the skin that can be caused by the synthetic ingredients in some deodorants, and it can also reduce skin irritation.

This all natural powder really is a no-brainer ingredient for Pit Putty!

Organic Coconut Oil

One of the main compounds of Coconut Oil, Lauric Acid, is known for its effective antibacterial properties. Once applied to your underarms, working in combination with our other ingredients, the lauric acid works quickly to prevent the occurence of stink inducing underarm bacteria. 

The coconut oil also helps to nourish your armpits, leaving them feeling smooth and fresh all day long - dreamy!

Naturally Mined Baking Soda

Baking soda simply neutralises bad odours, keeping your pits stink free, and we found that when working in combination with our other antibacterial ingredients, your pits will stay fresher for much longer, as opposed to those recipes we concocted without it (and believe us, we tried A LOT!).

Now, baking soda often gets a bad rep in natural deodorants, with the concern that it’s this ingredient that causes underarm irritation. More often than not, it’s the gritty texture of the baking soda that can be the issue, rather than the ingredient itself. 

We only use a minimal amount of baking soda, but enough to get the job done, in our sticks and tins. As we hand make all of our products, we can ensure it’s thoroughly combined with our other skin soothing ingredients for a silky smooth application.

Candelilla Wax

Candelilla wax is a vegan friendly thickening agent, and the perfect alternative to beeswax used in other cosmetic products. 

It’s a natural skin protector and odourless skin conditioner, that’s easily absorbed into the skin, helping keep your underarms soft. This wax helps bind our natural deodorant ingredients together, to make our sticks and tins easy to spread or swipe, without dragging on your skin.

Plant Based Oils

What makes Pit Putty smell so divine? All of our fragrances are derived from 100% plant based oils, which means you’re getting not only the full benefits of the oils themselves, but you’re going to smell gorgeous all day long. 

Essential oils are a safe and ecofriendly way of scenting our natural deodorants, and we only use organic, sustainable plant oils, rather than perfumes.

You can find out all the benefits of each of our essential oils by checking out our blog right here!


So if you would like to try Pit Putty, take a look at all of our natural deodorants here! You can always pick up a Mini to give it a trial, so you can find your perfect scent and application method.