Pit Putty Natural Deodorant Subscription - Save 50% on Your First Order!

Pit Putty Natural Deodorant Subscription - Save 50% on Your First Order!

Imagine the scene - you hop out of the shower, reach for your deodorant but dun dun dun, it’s completely run out! Or how about when you’re on a trip, and realise your favourite natural deodorant tin is empty, and begrudgingly have to pick up an antiperspirant from the local shops or airport. 

Avoid all the trouble that comes with not having your Pit Putty to hand with a Pit Putty Subscription, where you’ll get your favourite natural deodorant delivered through your letterbox on a fully flexible schedule that suits you.

Better yet, our subscription gives you the option to save money! You can pick up your first subscription for 50% OFF! You’ll also receive a further 10% OFF all future subscriptions, with FREE delivery if your order is over £25!

Why should I subscribe?

In our busy and hectic lives, it’s nice for at least something to be simple and convenient, and that’s exactly what our natural deodorant subscription service is! You can select exactly which products you would like, how often you would like them, and you have the option to cancel without question at any time. 

You’ll also save 50% off your first subscription, with 10% off all those that follow, which we think makes our subscription the best value on the market, and definitely worth it!

How does the Pit Putty Subscription Work?

Choose your products

Select your favourite scent from our selection of natural deodorant sticks and tins, and even our Soapy Suds natural soap bars, to include in your subscription. You can pick just one product, or a whole bundle, and you’ll also get the option to mix it up each month!

Choose your frequency

Our natural deodorant sticks and tins usually last around 4 - 6 weeks, but it’s dependent on personal use, which is why we offer 1 to 6 months flexible subscriptions.

Amend any time

You can mix up the products in your subscription before each delivery, and change the frequency whenever you want. With no “contract”, you can also cancel your subscription at any time.


Subscribe and Save!

There you have it, you can start your subscription today by simply picking your favourite products, and you’ll save 50% off your first order! Take a look here!